“Weather and temperature should not be a hindrance for people to enjoy any part of their homes.”

This mindset is what brought forth the establishment of Garage Heaters in 1989. More than two and a half decade since, we’ve been now recognized as the every individual’s leading partner when it comes to installation and maintenance of their garage heater systems.

One of the most often overlooked when it comes to home services is the installation of the garage door heaters. Since this is the least used part of the home if you don’t have any automobiles, or if you have, it just serve as a house for your cars, then it is also the last room you have in mind to maintain like any living space. As such, in times of the worse temperature, people cringe for the lack of any heating and cooling system – whichever is needed.

Garage Heaters is dedicated to be the solution for such problems. Using the best tools and equipments in the market, we are in partnership with the brands of heating and cooling system in the market to bring you the best quality for maintaining the right temperature for your garages.


Garage Heaters is customer-centric. We value for our customers. We take into considerations every air-conditioning system they need. As such, we only have the most skilled and experience professionals to attend to their garage heaters maintenance needs.

The team we have exudes only confidence when it comes to providing the quality of service you deserve. They have the most reliable knowledge in terms of repairs and installation. They are known to uphold a culture anchored on the company’s core values of integrity and hard work that made the most sought after experts in this field.

As a part of the ever dynamic industry, our team is always on the top of ever evolving technology. We are in constant search for knowledge that can bring our customers innovative and top of the line products and services.